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Statement of Risk

Jumping on the trampolines at AZ Air Time Jump Centers is an activity that offers both fun and fitness for just about any age and ability. However, it is a physical activity and just like skiing, skateboarding, football, cheerleading, and many other sports type activities, jumping involves risk. People can and do get hurt. It is your responsibility to use the facilities in a safe manner, abide by the rules, follow instructions, and jump within your ability. Trying difficult tricks that are above your ability is dangerous and can result in serious injury.

At Air Time we do everything we can to promote safety and provide a safe environment for all of our jumpers, however, the potential for serious accidents cannot be totally eliminated without sacrificing the qualities of the activity that make it so popular. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO ACCEPT THE RISKS INVOLVED WHEN JUMPING ON A TRAMPOLINE THEN WE CANNOT ALLOW YOU ON THE EQUIPMENT.

Waivers Required

In order to be allowed on any Air Time equipment you must have a signed waiver on file at each location you visit. The waiver notes that you're aware of the risks involved and are willing to accept responsibility for potential injury.

Under 18 - On your first visit you must either come in with a parent or guardian to sign the waiver, or bring in a waiver completed by a parent or guardian. At locations with online waivers and electronic signatures, a parent or guardian only needs to complete the waiver prior to your visit, and it will already be in our system when you arrive. Waivers for those under 18 must be signed by an adult with the LEGAL authority to do so.

Over 18 You must complete a waiver for yourself. At locations with online waivers and electronic signatures, you may complete the waiver online prior to your visit, and it will already be in our system when you arrive. Waivers can also be completed at each location. You will need a photo ID when you check in.

Waivers don't officially expire, however, most locations update waivers on an annual basis and will require you to complete a new waiver each year.

Save time and complete your waiver in advance by choosing your location below.

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